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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Woot! Seeing Double!

So, our second team got Madness down on Heroic tonight and I’m feeling all kinds of proud Mama! That's two in one week for our guild! They did it on their own without borrowing anyone from my team - despite many offers - and they should feel very good about the kill. They overcame attendance issues and core changes and teaching new raiders the fights week over week.

Lately, there’s been an ongoing thread of conversation amongst many of us who have been around for years regarding whether or not we could, would, or would even want to survive in another guild and the answer has been a resounding “NO”. Most of us would slit our wrists (or more likely just quit the game) if we had to put up the epeens and BS of the kids in other guilds. We couldn’t possibly deal with the lack of flexibility that comes with knowing one anothers’ life situations and being kind about them. And OMG would we snap with the racist, hate filled crap that most raiding guilds tolerate!

With a new expansion coming, as a GM, I always have to look at the roster and wonder what we need to recruit, who will move on to “greener pastures” and who will be reliable. For the first time I think we are set before it ever launches. Barring any real life emergencies or changes we are well set to have content down fast in one team and then two. Gives me happy warms fuzzies.

So, fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx myself, go go Heroic in MoP!


  1. It was all due to you getting us fish!!!!

  2. Well, yes, my fishing did make everything just that much better. /nod

    1. Lark. I know it's been like three months since you updated this blog, but whenever you do update this blog...I hope this makes you laugh. I thought of you automatically as soon as I saw this today.

      Go take a look at that link. And it's pretty ironic that I'm replying to this while you are talking about fishing. Anyway...I hope the guild is well. :)

      Your Favorite Huntard.